The Prime Minister-designate, Fathi Bashagha, stressed that his government had already started the steps toward assuming power, saying that his government, would not be seated in any other city than Tripoli.

In an interview with Al-Wasat TV, Bashagha explained that some positive signals from certain countries had been seen, especially from Qatar and the UAE, adding that Cairo had not interfered in any way in his government’s cabinet formation.

He indicated that he had no reservations about any country and that he would work in the interest of Libya and the interest of any country that would cooperate with his government, explaining that some of the statements rejecting his government were driven by pressure and influenced by money.

Bashagha added that he was looking for real consensus, saying if Haftar was represented in the Ministries of Finance and Defense, Burkan Al-Ghadab (Military Operation that fought Haftar’s forces in west Libya between 2019 and 2020) was represented in six Ministries, stressing that his cabinet formation was balanced and was not based on “quota system”.

Bashagha indicated that there were parties who tried to strike a disagreement between his government and Turkey by saying that his government was influenced by Egyptian agenda, but the elders and House of Representatives' members of the eastern region expressed their willingness to clarify the full picture, stressing that Haftar’s sons Saddam and Belqassem had gone to Turkey and were on their way to Qatar to clarify the issue.

Meanwhile, Bashagha said that the positions of the Head of the High Council of State, Khalid Al-Mishri, are fluctuating and unstable because he was subjected to great pressure to change his stance regarding the new government.