The Prime Minister designated by the House of Representatives (HoR), Fathi Bashagha, said he had kicked off consultations to form a new government, adding that all parties across Libya would be involved in his consultations.

Bashagha indicated in a video statement on Facebook late on Sunday that his efforts for a new government would ensure active political participation of all parties, reiterating that his government will be presented to the HoR just in time for a vote of confidence.

Bashagha said handing over power (by Dbeibah’s government) would go well through peaceful conditions, adding that the current PM, Dbeibah, is a respected civilian personality who is against wars and knows what peaceful circulation of power means.

“Over the last years, Libya witnessed chaos, corruption, hate, and forced displacement of people. Today, everyone has come to grasp with the fact that no party can exclude the other. Calling others names and accusing them of betrayal would only lead to destruction rather than construction and we reiterate that using the name of revolution for tricks and bad intentions are used by a few who don't want Libya to be stable.” Bashagha explained.