The Prime Minister-designate Fathi Bashagha told Misrata locals, his fellow hometown people, in an audio statement that he had never been after power, personal gains or profit, adding that “we all are aware of the current critical situation that needs not only sacrifice but also tolerance."

Bashagha said instability and wars should end and Misrata is the city that can do that, asking if he had forgotten the “blood of martyrs” if he started talking about unity and reconciliation as well as dialogue among all Libyans.

“Misrata has a chance today to revive Libya in a state of victory and peace without weakness. When we decided to negotiate, we knew that concessions must be made so that consensus can be reached. The dialogue isn't holy and can't be taken for granted without setting some principles like February revolution constants, sovereignty of Libya and the rejection of foreign intervention. Instability must end and wars must stop. We need Misrata for that.” Bashagha said.

Bashagha was sworn in as a Prime Minister by the House of Representatives on last Thursday and no clear reaction by the international community backing up Bashagha's government except for that of Russian Foreign Ministry.