The Prime Minister designated by the House of Representatives Fathi Bashagha has blamed the Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, his advisors and family for the bloodshed and looted money in the country, saying the main reason was the clinging to power and the rejection of the will of Libyans by Dbeibah.

In his first statement following the clashes in Tripoli which killed 32 people and failed to allow his government to control the capital, Bashagha said he isn't gasping for power but for the civilian state of law, accusing Dbeibah's government of being a gang that is practicing crackdown and terrorism.

Bashagha stressed his adherence to the principle of exercising political rights peacefully, saying that Dbeibah was the one who exploited the state's resources to support armed groups, accusing him of seeking to establish a dictatorial state that kills or imprisons all those who oppose it.

Bashagha's statement came after the issuance of a travel ban and arrest warrants by the Military Prosecutor of Bashagha himself and other individuals involved in the recent clashes in Tripoli.