The Minister of Planning and Finance of Fathi Bashagha's government, Osama Hammad, threatened in a letter addressed to the Attorney General, the Head of the Administrative Control Authority, the Head of the Audit Bureau, and the Head of the Anti-Corruption Authority, to use escalation to stop the flow of oil revenues to the bank accounts of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) to prevent money from going to the Government of National Unity headed by Abdul Hamid Dbeibah.

In his letter, Hammad said the NOC played a pivotal role in violation of the law by sending money to the accounts of the Ministry of Finance of the Government of National Unity (GNU) with financial coverage from the oil revenues deposited in the NOC's account with the Libyan Foreign Bank.

Hammad threatened to resort to taking a number of escalatory measures to stop the flow of oil and gas sales' revenues to the NOC's bank account in order to preserve state funds. He also accused the GNU of committing what he described as financial violations, including the transfer of an amount of more than 16 billion and 500 million dinars from the budget's Chapter Three allocations without a legal basis. He also said that taking such measures would contribute to preserving public money from exploitation and squandering.

Since the HoR announced the formation of Bashagha's government, Bashagha has been trying to search for funding sources to cover the government's budget to help it perform its duties.