Former nominee to Premier post in Libya, Basit Igtet, has issued a statement on his Facebook page saying the September 25 demonstration will be a Libyan civilian, national movement that will see Libyans call for the end of their suffering.

He added on Thursday that the demonstration will be a call for a change in the living conditions and will be distant from political conflicts, tribal and regional strifes and military enmity.

"The goal is to let the voice of the Libyans be heard by the peoples of the world as well as the decisions makers in regional, Arab, and international circles.Media from all over the world including local media outlets will cover the day. He added.

Igtet remarked that he did not coordinate with any party for securing the demonstrations at the Tripoli Martyrs Square except the the official authorities in the capital like Security Department and Central Security Department.

"The demonstration will call for bodies that are created by legitimacy to be leading this country. He added.

Igtet said they belong to the Libyan citizens and to the Tripoli Martyrs square, rejecting to be associated with any political party.

Igtet has been on the spot light for awhile lately after he called for September 25 demonstration in tripoli to end the suffering of the people and to help him approach power in the country.

In one of his recent statements, Igtet slammed chief of Dignity Operation forces Khalifa Haftar and the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj as being behind the suffering of Libyans, vowing to put an end to the bad living conditions once he is elected as top official in the country.