The Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Libya (SRSG), Abdoulaye Bathily, has urged key figures of the southern community to engage in the national reconciliation process and to consolidate efforts in support of "free, fair, inclusive, and peaceful elections" across Libya in 2023.

Bathily's remarks came at a meeting on Sunday in Sabha grouping representatives of local municipalities, civil society, women, youth groups, and student unions from the southern region, who according to Bathily, shared their concerns about the adverse impact of the political crisis on them.

"I took note of their frustration at the endless transition stages. They demanded elections be held this year with no further delay," Bathily wrote on Twitter.

The SRSG reiterated his call on leaders in Libya to respect the will of their people and offer them a more prosperous future, emphasizing that Fezzan should adequately participate in the national dynamic of the rebuilding of this country.