There can be no reconciliation in Libya without justice and Libyans listening to each other, the UN Envoy to Libya Abdoulaye Bathily said in his address before the preparatory meeting for the National Reconciliation Conference, which wrapped up in Tripoli on Thursday.

"National reconciliation in Libya will succeed if it is inclusive and managed by a dedicated and qualified team whose work is based on the Libyan historical experience as well as lessons learnt elsewhere in the region and Africa, Bathily tweeted, praising the opposing parties for coming together "to promote national reconciliation."

Following the preparatory meeting on Thursday, the UN official met with the Presidential Council Deputy Abdullah Al-Lafi and affirmed the UN's full support to advance the process led by the National Reconciliation Commission, in close coordination with the African Union.

The Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, chaired the preparatory meeting for the National Reconciliation Conference that kicked off in Tripoli on Sunday with the participation of various political parties, besides representatives of the African Union and the international community.