Senior commanders of Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB) said on Friday the group is ready to dissolve, but they stressed their right to return to their city.

In a statement read by the top commander, Brig Mustafa Al-Shirksi, the BDB indicated that their intention to dissolve aims to spare the country the woes of international war.

According to the statement, the dissolution also aims to alleviate the suffering of Libyan people in general and Benghazi IDPs in particular.

The BDB pointed out that they had withdrawn from Jufra region peacefully to save lives of local residents, confirming they could have repelled Dignity Operation forces.  

“We forward our intention to the concerned state authorities for consideration,” read the statement, adding a group of BDB fighters are ready to join the Libyan Army as individuals, while others aim to engage in legal and human rights works to voice their rejection of the “coup project."

The BDB was placed by Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain on a list of alleged “terror.” The claims were rejected by the BDB, saying they were politically motivated. 


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