Foreigners from Sudan, Chad, Egypt, Syria and Bangladesh have been trapped in Qawarsha and Qanfouda districts of Benghazi, as violent clashes are still raging there.

In a video recorded on Sunday, more than 50 foreigners made an urgent plea for help to leave the city with their families and said all roads are blocked due to the fighting.

"We want to leave the city in peace, there are attacks from the air and the land," a Sudanese national pleaded.

A Syrian national said he came to Benghazi with his family for work but now they want to leave.

"We fled the fighting in our country to find a fighting here, there is shelling from the air and land every day," he said.

With tears in his eyes, a Bangladeshi pleaded for help, saying he wants to see his mother, father and baby.

"No food here, no water, no electricity, no medicine, 2 years of fighting, I want to go Bangladesh," he cries.

 A trapped Egyptian said 6 of their colleagues were killed in the ongoing clashes.

"They are innocents, they have nothing to do with this war," he said.

Benghazi has been plunged into violent clashes since May 2014 between Khalifa Haftar's militia groups and opponents to his Dignity Operation, forcing thousands of people to flee the city.