The Association of internally displaced persons (IDPs) of Benghazi has criticized the government for its "silence and neglect" towards their sufferings in a statement to mark eight years since their forced displacement from their homes in Benghazi.

The group, which consists of activists, civil society organizations members, and representatives of those displaced from Benghazi, underscored that achieving reconciliation and stability goes through settling the IDP issue.

They also questioned the delay of the ICC judgment requesting the extradition of those involved in human rights crimes and violations in Benghazi.

October 15 marks the eighth anniversary of an arduous displacement journey of thousands of families from Benghazi after rogue warlord Khalifa Haftar gave carte blanche to his militias to take revenge on his opponents whose only crime was saying no to militarism and calling for a democratic state.

The militias stormed the homes of Haftar's critics, vandalized and seized their property. Since May 2014, an estimated 13,000 families (about 100,000 people) have fled Benghazi for elsewhere in Libya or abroad. Many settled in Tripoli, Misrata, and Zliten while few have been able to return to their homes, according to a previous report by the UN mission in Libya.