Two explosives blasted inside Benghazi Medical Center (BMC) on Wednesday, according to the pro-Al-Thanni government’s Libyan News Agency.

The two explosions happened in the BMC’s emergency section and on the first floor of the BMC’s third tower, leaving tremendous material damage at the two sites.

The BMC’s administration sent a call for help to all of the medics working in the center and in October 7 Hospital, telling them it is imperative that they come to work and help soothe the wounds and suffocation cases among the patients and visitors as well as the medics at the explosions’ locations.

Sources from the BMC reaffirmed that the first explosion targeted the accommodation section where Dignity Operation injured forces are being treated, while the second blast targeted the emergency section, adding that no one died in both attacks.

Two similar explosions took place on December 01 at the Benghazi Medical Center, causing material damage and no casualties.