A number of activists from Benghazi have forwarded a humanitarian call through a statement they issued on Wednesday aiming at rescuing the city and its inhabitants from the war that has long been wrecking it, calling for quick rebuilding strategies after the two-year war.

The statement also expressed great concern about the conditions of the city as it is still under an ongoing war and destruction, which pushed most of the residents out of the city for lack of security and safety.

“Half of Benghazi residents are in growing need for humanitarian aids, especially women and children, and many dislocated people inside and outside Libya are unable to return to their houses due to war. We emphasize that the IDPs have the right to go back and the government must help them do so, not to mention the dire live conditions the IDPs are leading.” The statement reads.

The activists and notables also called for providing education for all of the children and youths of the city to save the generation amid the ongoing war, urging as well all parties not to politicize the humanitarian assistance given to the Benghazi IDPs.

This humanitarian appeal is considered the most significant since the beginning of the war in Benghazi as the list of the people who signed it consisted of 76 persons – activists, notables, political parties and others.

Some of the persons who signed the statement include Tobruk MP, Aisha Al-Agouri, and also Abu Bakir Baira the Tobruk MP and head of HoR’s dialogue team. It also includes Libya’s Ambassador in Uganda, Fawzi Bu Kateif, Nuri Al-Abbar, the member in the UN-sponsored political dialogue team, and the senior leader of Omar Al-Mukhtar brigade, Zeyad Balam.