Fighters of Benghazi Shura Council have retaken the under-construction apartment buildings, locally known Siniya buildings, in Qanfouda neighbourhood, sources from the council said on Tuesday.

The sources indicated that council fighters forced Dignity Operation militias to retreat under heavy fire and gained 2 tanks during their advance.

The council's official news outlet, Boshra, reported that a number of Dignity Operation vehicles were seen fleeing the scene in panic. It also said that shura fighters managed to defuse a number of mines planted by Dignity Operation inside Siniya buildings before their retreat.

The western frontline of Benghazi witnessed heavy clashes in the last few days as Shura Council's fellow fighters from Defend Benghazi Brigades are advancing toward the city. 
Defend Benghazi Brigades are now positioned in Riqtah village, just 100km west of Benghazi.