A senior leader from Majabra tribe and one of Benghazi’s elders and dignitaries has been released after 24 days of abduction by a militia group in Benghazi.

Tribal leader Mahmud Almajibri broke his silence and said in a video statement posted on social media on Friday that his kidnappers told him that they were affiliated with “the army”.

He clarified that he was abducted on October 04 by an armed group led by Belgasim Al-Badri and Mohammed Al-Amroni while he was on his way home.

“I was kept in a cell that was not even suitable for animals,” he said.

“There was no bathroom, no mattress, and no blanket”. He further added.

During his horrifying ordeal, the kidnappers tortured him and threatened him with rape, According to his testimony.

“They asked me to relinquish my properties to them and then they asked for a bribe in return for my release,” he indicated, but he didn’t say whether the ransom was paid for his freedom.

Almajibri revealed that there are many businessmen and traders inside that prison without any charges.

He appealed to Dignity Operation top commander Khalifa Haftar and Chief of Staff of House of Representatives Abdelraziq Al-Nathori to intervene and stop what he referred to as “the farce”.