The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), appointed by the Government of National Unity, Farhat bin Qadara, has announced the end of the closures in all oil fields and ports, starting from Friday, lifting the state of force majeure in them.

Bin Qadara said that he gave his instructions to initiate production arrangements according to security and public safety standards, according to his speech in the meeting room of the Arabian Gulf Company in Benghazi, on Friday, after his meeting with notables of the Oil Crescent.

“NOC appreciates the efforts made by all local and international parties and pledges to adhere to professional and non-political constants and it will continue to perform its duties in all impartiality”, he added, pledging its commitment to systems of governance, transparency and disclosure, away from improvised individual action.

He also confirmed the company’s continuous coordination with the Ministry of Oil and Gas, to reach the highest levels of production as soon as possible, and work to increase production in coordination with foreign partners, in addition to increasing the gas feeding power stations.

Bin Qadara had assumed his duties as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NOC last Thursday, pledging to end the closures in oil fields and ports and to raise production rates as soon as possible.