The remains of a 27-year-old man from Tripoli who was kidnapped in November 2019 have been recovered and identified, the Association of Tarhuna Victims announced on Sunday.

Ammar Muhammad Al-Yousifi, a father of a four-year-old from Ain Zara, was kidnapped with his brother from Tarhuna on November 2, 2019, by the nutritious Kani militia.

The militia took sides with Khalifa Haftar in his aggression on Tripoli before fleeing east after the offence collapsed.

Ammar Al-Yousifi was found in the mass graves of Tarhuna, the agricultural site 5K, on ​​August 8, 2021, while the fate of his brother Khaled remains anonymous.

The city, located some 65 km southeast of Tripoli, was Khalifa Haftar’s last stronghold in western Libya before his attack failed 14 months later.

Upon its liberation in May 2022, horror stories began to unfold as residents recounted scores of disappearances, murders, human rights abuses, mass graves, and detention facilities with evidence of torture at the hands of the Kani militia.

Many of the corpses discovered in the mass graves have shown evidence of torture, while some have been burnt and others buried alive, including women and children.