Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov has said Moscow stands ready to support the 5+5 Joint Military Commission as he addressed the issue of the withdrawal of non-Libya armed groups and troops from Libya.

Bogdanov attended a meeting that grouped a delegation of the JMC with Russian officials from the foreign and defence ministries in Moscow.

He expressed his hope that the upcoming elections in Libya would bring a permanent authority that can unify the state's security structures throughout the country.

The attendants exchanged views on the current situation in and around Libya as the country approaches 'December 24.'

A member of the Military Committee 5 + 5, Brigadier General Mukhtar Al-Naqsa, had said in previous statements to the Libya Al-Al-Ahrar channel that the Russians had expressed their willingness to cooperate with the committee, provided the withdrawal be performed in stages, gradually, and it has to be synchronized as this approach will allow preserving the balance of forces on the ground, the Russians say.

Al-Naqsa, who arrived in Moscow Wednesday, reaffirmed that they had renewed their demand to the Russian side regarding the exit of mercenaries and foreign forces from Libya.