High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell has said the situation in Libya is discouraging in light of no indication of any possible agreement on elections any time soon.

"The Union and its international partners can make a difference by proactively supporting mediation efforts, and this is what we intend to do,” the EU foreign policy chief said before the European Parliament.

He underscored the need to encourage the Libyan parties to the conflict to enhance dialogue and reach a consensus and urged that the call for foreign forces to withdraw from Libya be implemented on the ground.

Borrell affirmed support for the UN envoy and the Libyan stakeholders to build a new and joint road map towards the elections, hoping that the appointment of UN envoy, Bathily will create a positive dynamic for all Libyan actors to work together.

The European official indicated that there is a large consensus that the only permanent way forward is to encourage a consensual and comprehensive solution with Libyan leadership and ownership, as he stressed that building a meaningful and coherent umbrella for the political process in Libya will require the joint and solid support of the European Union.

He disclosed that the EU has considered sending a mission to monitor the parliamentary and presidential elections, confirming that this offer still exists.