The Brigadier General Mohammed Ganidi, one of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous's leaders, said armed forces and February 17 revolutionaries' brigades had launched an operation, ongoing currently, to end "wrongness" and "establish security" in Tripoli and the rest of Libya.

In an exclusive interview with The Libya Observer, Ganidi said Libyans should know that they came to Tripoli after corruption had become deeply tooted in it with "militias and armed groups taking control of it."

"Libyan armed forces will have their grip on the capital and prevail security so all people can live safely and with dignity." Ganidi remarked.

He explained that they're not going to interfere in politics but will establish security together with the February 17 revolutionaries.

"We came after hard times grew harder in the capital and we will use force to prevail peace and security son people can live safely in Tripoli." Ganidi indicated.

He said three years had passed while they were waiting for security to prevail in Tripoli, but "in vain, and thus we had to step in to establish security in Tripoli and control armed factions that messes around enough in Tripoli."

"Well, Libyans understand what is going on in Libya's capital," he explained.

"We're here to end power outage, lack of cash at the bank and kidnap as well as extortion practiced by the militias in Tripoli, which control the government and Libyans' own fortunes." Ginidi further remarked, saying Libyans have the right to have the good out of the results of February 17 revolution.

"I call on all military ranks of the armed forces and brigades of February 17 revolutionaries to join their brother who came to end the oppression and wrongness as well as chaos and corruption experienced by Libyans. They all should join the operations room of cleansing Tripoli of all armed factions and criminal militias so they can live safely." Ginidi added in his speech to The Libya Observer.