The Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria ruled Wednesday that the Libyan vessel "Badr" must be released from seizure.

The tanker has been seized since November 2017 in Burgas port over a case of compensations against Libya filed by a Bulgarian company.

The Head of Ports and Sea Transport Authority Omar Al-Jawashi told the Libyan News Agency that they will inform the counterpart authorities across the world about the ruling and ask them to seize it once it arrives in any of the world's ports.

The authority was informed two days ago that the Bulgarian company that took control of the vessel issued counterfeit registry of it and sailed it to the international waters after knowing that a court ruling is approaching.

"We have talked to Panama's authorities about scrapping the fake registration of the vessel under the Bulgarian company so Libya can retrieve it." Al-Jawashi said.

He hailed the efforts of the Foreign Ministry as regards to the vessel's issue, saying the efforts and contacts with international organizations and world authorities helped deny the vessel entry to any waters or ports.

"I also thank Libya's embassies in Bulgaria, Panama, and Holland for their efforts in this regard." Al-Jawashi added.

Badr was seized in Bulgaria in 2017 when it was laden with oil heading to Russia, citing a case by a Bulgarian construction company against Libya demanding compensations that date back to 1992.

Burgas Supreme Court ruled for the release of the tanker in January 2018, but Bulgarian authorities ignored the ruling and in last December it forcefully kicked out the Libyan crew and gave the vessel to a Bulgarian crew.