The Chief of the Defense and Security Backup Commission at the High Council of State (HCS) Belqasim Deberz, said the HCS rejects the meetings in Egypt between delegates of the Presidential Council headed by its chief of staff Abdelrahman Al-Taweel and those of Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled army headed by his chief of staff Abdelrazik Al-Nathori.

“Those meetings in Cairo are illegal, besides Egypt is a part of the Libyan conflict and is absolutely not unbiased. It bombed Libyan cities before and backs up one party over the others.” Deberz added.

He accused Fayez Al-Sirraj of violating the Libyan Political Agreement by acting like a chief commander of the Libyan army, pointing out that the commander in chief is for all PC members not for the Head alone.

“I have contacted a number of officers across Libya and they all rejected the Cairo meetings.” He explained, adding that attempting to appoint Haftar as the commander in chief of the Libyan army undermines agreement and peace chances and drags Libya into more wars because “Haftar is a war criminal.”

For two days in a row, Cairo has been hosting the meetings aiming at uniting Libya’s military institution.

Reports said that both Al-Sirraj and Haftar delegates agreed on naming Haftar as the chief commander of the Libyan army, which was rejected by many military officers, especially in west Libya.

The spokesman for the Defense Ministry Mohammed Al-Ghusri said the meeting in Cairo is not serious and won’t succeed as it is not transparent, calling for holding a meeting inside Libya.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the deputy defense minister issued an order dismissing Al-Ghusri from his post as spokesman for the ministry, which is a clear indication that Al-Sirraj was upset with the contradictory statement Al-Ghusri made to his decisions.