Calm settled on Al-Najilah district in Janzour after the Friday armed clashes between Fursan Janzour brigade and Tribes Army militias from Wirshiffana near Al-Debeye gas station.

The patrols chief in Fursan Janzour brigade, Jalal Basheer, said the clashes were stopped by a wise word from the reasonable persons in Wirshiffana as they came to terms regarding the camp that lies within Janzour’s administrative barriers.

On Friday, Basheer said they were preparing the former air defense camp in Al-Najilah district, as it is located within Janzour’s administrative barriers and near Wirshiffana’s administrative barriers as well, to be the spot where one of the General Staff’s brigades gets positioned.

“Brigade 303 will be positioned in the camp to limit the crime rates, which have hit a record high in our districts, and not a sort of enmity procedure against Wirshiffana district.” Basheer added.

It is noteworthy that Awlad Issa district saw mobilization of huge numbers of the Tribes Army militias near Al-Debeye gas station due to Fursan Janzour brigade’s action.”