Calm has been restored in Tripoli after a night of military mobilization coming from Al-Zawiya and Wershiffana following the sacking of the Chairman of National Oil Corporation (NOC) Mustafa Sanallah and replacing him with Farhat Bengdara.

Eyewitnesses said security forces mobilized inside Tripoli to respond to the mobilization of Al-Zawiya armed convoys at 27 checkpoint west of Tripoli.

Sources said that armed groups from Al-Zawiya - some of them in support of Bashagha's government and others rejecting it - mobilized with dozens of armed vehicles heading to the headquarters of the Prime Minister in Tripoli in order to pressure him into withdrawing the decision to dismiss Sanallah.

They added that mediation efforts managed to prevail calm and thwart clashes, thus armed forces returned to their previous positions as a delegation would be formed to discuss the recent decisions with PM Abdul Hamid Dbeibah.