Calm restored to Tripoli on Thursday night after armed clashes erupted between two security factions across several regions of the capital.

According to eyewitnesses, clashes broke out between the “RADA” Special Deterrence Forces and the Stability Support Force after the latter detained a member of the RADA Force.

The two parties arrived at a ceasefire agreement after engaging in a detainee exchange.

The Ambulance and Emergency Service urged citizens to exercise caution and avoid tense areas, advising them to leave their homes only for essential needs.

Gunfire was heard in the Airport Road district, Madar Roundabout, and Jaraba Street, with no reports of casualties from either side.

Some areas of Tripoli have been experiencing security tension, mobilization, and military buildup. The situation has created expectations of violent clashes between supporters of the Government of National Unity and several groups seeking to overthrow it.