The Libyan Combat Naval Brigade in Susah, which is affiliated with the Tobruk-based House of Representatives, arrested Friday a Canadian commercial ship that entered the Libyan territorial waters without prior permission.

The Commander of the brigade, Mohammed Al-Majdoob, told Ajwa Net that the ship was stuffed with goods such as perfumes, sponge, and clothes as it was heading from Misrata’s port to Tobruk’s, adding that it was asked to stop by a patrol from the brigade off Ras Hilal shores, but it refused, so it was later arrested in Tobruk port.

Al-Majdoob explained that the ship is still in custody at Tobruk’s port and it will be freed once it has been scrutinized entirely.

According to Al-Majdoob, a Comoros Island-flagged, which entered Libya without approval, was intercepted on July 07 off Ras Hilal shores and the 11 crewmembers onboard were all arrested, then they were released.