The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the European Union (EU) is using double standards regarding the Libyan-Turkish agreement and remains silent about the agreements signed by the Government of National Unity (GNU) with Malta and Italy.

Cavusoglu said Malta itself was surprised by the European Union's strange position on the hydrocarbons agreement that Ankara signed with the GNU, stressing that Turkey does not need anyone's consent in order to sign any agreements with any country.

In a meeting with civil society organizations and businesspersons in Hatay, southern Turkey, the Turkish Foreign Minister said if it were not for the support provided by Turkey to Libya, especially in repelling the attack on the capital, Tripoli, Libya's crisis would be similar to the situation in Syria.

He added that Turkey is doing its best to ensure that other countries don't fall into Syria's situation, adding that Turkey is signing agreements to define maritime jurisdiction areas with Libya, and we have signed an agreement in the field of hydrocarbons.