Potential voters for municipal elections in Hay, al-Andalus, Swani Ben Adam, Zliten, and Qasser Akkyar municipalities have until noon on Friday, Jan.1 to register to vote in the upcoming local government elections, the Central Committee for Municipal Council Elections (CCMCE) said on Facebook.

The committee said it would open candidacy for those wishing to become members of the Municipal Council for Souq al-Jumaa from Sunday, Jan. 1, 2021, to Thursday, 21 of the same month, confirming that the period for candidacy cannot be extended.

The CCMCE also released on Monday the final lists of candidates running for the Municipal Council of Tajoura, explaining that the electoral campaigning for candidates in the municipality starts from Tuesday, Dec. 29 to next Jan. 12.

Candidates will have until Jan.13, to convince their fellow citizens of their programs, who will go to the polls on Jan. 14 to decide the new local administration.

The committee permitted 67,000 dinars for the electoral campaigning for lists candidates and 22,000 dinars for the revolutionaries with special needs and female candidates competing on the women's seat.