The Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) asked Tuesday the Head of the Supreme Court to retract his decision that halted the circuit court of constitution and allow it to resume its duties as soon as possible, saying the circumstances of the then-made decision had disappeared.

In a letter to the Head of the Supreme Court, the CDA indicated that the call comes after meetings on February 8-9 in Tripoli, where they had tackled the challenges facing the implementation of the constitutional track amid several ongoing violations of the constitutional declaration and its amendments.

“Those challenges had not been deterred by laws because the circuit court of constitution was shut down. We urge for reopening the circuit court so that it can balance the legislative work in Libya in ways that don't violate the current constitutional laws.” The latter added.

The circuit court of constitution has been shut down since 2014. This, according to activists, has led to more and more violations by the House of Representatives that has been issuing decisions and legislations that aren't constitutional. Observers indicate that such violations and illegal legislations can only stop when the authorized body – circuit court of constitution – is back in business.