All of the Constitution Drafting Assembly’s meetings held in Oman and then in Al-Bayda city are illegal and a sheer violation of the constitutional declaration as well as the internal regulations of the CDA, stated a number of the CDA boycotting members.

In a statement issued in Tripoli Tuesday, the CDA boycotters rendered the amendment to the legal quorum of the CDA done by Al-Bayda gathering members as invalid and a violation of the constitutional declaration.

“The CDA does not have the right or the authority to amend the quorum whatsoever because the amendment is one of the jobs of the legislative authority.” The statement reads.

Over the last period, a number of CDA members have been holding consultation meetings in Oman, after which they announced an agreement on some of the disputed issues. Then, the CDA members came back and held a session in Al-Bayda, where they amended the internal regulations to allow lessening the quorum required for passing any item in the draft.