The Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Assembly, Al-Jilani Erhouma, called on the CDA members to hold a consultation meeting Sunday in Al-Bayda city in order to amend the CDA rules of procedure and to put a timetable for the remaining period.

Similarly, the CDA member, Ibtisam Baheih, has also confirmed that she is going to take part in the meeting Sunday and also in presenting the items that will be proposed in it. She also wondered about the achievements of the CDA members, who traveled to Oman weeks ago, pointing out that Tabu tribes have issued a statement rejecting any agreements pertaining to the rights of minorities in Libya.

She also clarified that the concord with Tuareg has been achieved a long time ago by the Communication Committee for keeping in touch with society components. She has explained that she rejects making ignorant out of the Libyan people and blurring the constitution track in front of their eyes by making them believe that concord with minorities has been achieved in Oman.

Worth mentioning, that the CDA members who traveled to Oman had confirmed that they agreed on the controversial issues in the draft and reached a midway solution that would be satisfactory to all. At the same time, the CDA boycotting members are still resolved on their decisions not to attend CDA sessions and not to recognize Oman-based meetings’ outcomes.