The Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) says the proposal submitted by the Speaker of Parliament Aguila Saleh to form a new committee to draft a constitution violates the constitutional declaration.

The drafting assembly issued a statement signed by 43 of the 58 CDA members to condemn Saleh's proposal.

"The proposal of the Speaker of Parliament to appoint a committee to draft a permanent constitution, instead of the present constituent assembly, is a flagrant violation of the constitutional declaration."

They reaffirmed their categorical rejection of any attempts by the Speaker of Parliament that would overlap his duties and infringe on the competencies of the elected constituent assembly.

Meanwhile, the head of the Constitution Drafting Assembly, Al-Jilani Arhouma, told the Anadolu Agency that establishing a parallel constitutional institution promotes chaos and paves the way for more division in the country.

"Our statement is a warning to the Libyan society of the dangerous consequences that will befall the country if it follows this call," Al-Jilani said, adding that it will only benefit the proponents who are seeking to stay in the scene as long as possible.

In the same context, a member of the CDA, Nadia Omran, explained that according to the constitutional declaration, the commission possesses the inherent power to formulate a permanent constitution for the country, calling on international and domestic bodies not to deal with such proposals.

During a parliamentary session on Monday, the Speaker of Parliament proposed forming a committee of intellectuals, writers, and constitutional law specialists, representing the three regions of Tripoli, Fezzan, and Cyrenaica, to draft a consensual constitution.