Press Solidarity reported confirmed leaks from a source from the Constitution Drafting Assembly as saying that the members in favor of the proposed constitution draft are going to send a letter to the Tobruk-based House of Representatives and State Council calling for canceling the polls for the draft.

The source, who asked to remain unidentified, told Press Solidarity that the CDA members, who are proposing cancelling the polls, believe that the CDA is elected directly by the people, thus if their proposal was approved and the constitutional declaration was amended, then the drat agreed upon by the CDA would be considered the permeant Libyan constitution without any need for polls.

Formerly, a group of the CDA members had approved the new constitution draft amid the number of boycotting members from the west of Libya as well as some cultural components.

Therefore, the members who are in favor of the current new draft are afraid that the overwhelming majority of the western region’s residents, who constitute the majority of Libya’s population, would reject the current draft as it is already rejected by the CDA members of the west, who say the draft establishes the regionalism and division among Libyans and ignores the citizenship principles.