Central Tripoli Municipality's mayor and members welcomed the initiative of the Deputy Head of the Presidential Council Mossa Al-Koni who called for returning to decentralization and governorates' system.

In a visit to the municipality to offer condolences for the loss of lives in Tripoli's recent clashes, Al-Koni said the capital became the shoulder that bears the burdens of all the tragedies of political division, saying all parties come to Tripoli to seize power.

He stressed that any national project, if adopted in Tripoli, would turn into a model to be followed in all regions of Libya, adding that his visit to the Central Tripoli Municipality came as a confirmation of his confidence that it would have a prominent role at this point to help get out of the political stalemate.

Al-Koni indicated that the experts and elders in Tripoli have the ability to present visions that can contribute to ending its crisis in cooperation with the Presidential Council, so that the solution is a Libyan-Libyan one. He also explained that the governorate system contributes to reducing financial and administrative corruption, in addition to allowing the central government to tackle its sovereign role.

Meanwhile, the mayor and members of the Central Tripoli Municipality as well as the elders called for taking decisive decisions that would speed up the evacuation of military units and presence from the city, and working to achieve the stability that the residents of Tripoli seek.

They also reiterated their support for all the steps taken by the Presidential Council to achieve stability, and contribute to the success of the national reconciliation project, leading to the holding of elections as soon as possible.