A group of civil society organizations and unions have called on the Presidential Council to declare a state of emergency in the country and go to elections.

In a joint statement, the group demanded the suspension of the House of Representatives (HoR) and the High Council of State (HCS).

"The deteriorating situation in the country, the political impasse, the absence of a constitution and criteria for assuming sovereign positions, are all factors that gave those in the legislature the opportunity to remain in power indefinitely," the statement read.

The bloc held the HoR accountable for creating governments on the grounds of quotas in a notable absence of basic standards for state management, such as efficiency, integrity, and patriotism, as they put it.

They demanded that the Supreme Court prepares a constitutional rule within two weeks to form a crisis government led by technocrats and to hold corrupt ministers accountable.

At another level, they called on the electoral commission (HNEC) to hold the polls on the date set by the PC or place themselves before the judiciary to answer charges of prolonging the crisis in collusion with HoR, warning to declare civil disobedience, if their demands are not fulfilled.

The groups signing the statement included the Tripoli Authority, the General Union of Workers, the Executive Office of the Trade Union, the Tripoli Chamber of Commerce, the National Oil Corporation Syndicate, and other trade unions.