One civilian person was killed and others were wounded as Khalifa Haftar's forces shelled a residential area in Ain Zara in southern Tripoli on Sunday, the Volcano of Rage media office said.

Identical sources reported shells falling on Salah Al-Deen near the Customs Department office, causing damage to two houses.

The spokesman for the Anti-terrorism Force Abdelbasit Tika said Haftar's forces are using mortars in most frontlines and that they had obtained Howitzers launcher and it was being used by Russian mercenaries.

Meanwhile, an uneasy calm has descended on Tripoli frontlines with intermittent exchange of artillery shelling.

Haftar's warplanes, on the other hand, have been active lately striking many frontlines, including Ramla frontline near Tripoli Airport on Monday. Other airstrikes targeted Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous in Sirte for four consecutive days.

A source from Volcano of Rage Operation confirmed that Haftar's forces on Al-Zatarna frontline tried to advance Monday to retake lost positions, but the attempts were foiled