Clashes erupted between two armed factions in Tajoura, the eastern suburb of the capital, on Sunday night.

The Rahbat Alduru battalion attacked the Alosoud force accusing them of killing one of its members the day before.

Firearms could be heard near the Air Force Camp in Bir al-Usta Milad, located between Tajoura and Ain Zara, southeast of Tripoli.

According to eyewitnesses, the two parties exchanged fire with light and medium weapons, causing panic among the local people.

Patients at the Bir al-Usta Milad Hospital were caught up in the conflict zone as the hospital's management urged their families in a Facebook statement to come and take them home.

The Ambulance and Emergency Service placed its staff in Tripoli, Al-Qarboulli, and Qasr Al-Akhyar on red alert against the background of the clashes in Tajoura Municipality.