Heavy clashes broke out Saturday in Atawailah district, west of Al-Ajilat city, between revolutionaries from western Libya led by Sabratha Military Council and the so-called Tribes Army.

Military sources said the Tribes Army targeted Al-Ajilat with tanks and mortar shells.

Reports from the city say the hospital, police station and civilian houses were hit with indiscriminate grad missiles.

The clashes erupted following a meeting of ex-regime supporters in Atawailah supervised by the Tribes Army. The Gaddafi loyalists chanted slogans glorifying slain dictator and calling for the return of the ex-Jamahiriya regime.

Commander of Tribes Army Omer Tantoush, a senior aide to Gaddafi who was set free by Zintan, promised to liberate Libya from what he described as terrorists and followers of western countries.

The Tribes Army is Dignity Operation's military wing in western Libya. It's made up of former regime fighters and Zintani brigades.