Mediation efforts by elders of Al-Zawiya have borne fruit and ended armed clashes in the city that took place from Sunday evening to Monday morning.

Sources from Al-Zawiya said the meditation led to a preliminary agreement on a ceasefire after the parties to the conflict had agreed on turning in the person accused of kiosk a member of Al-Sela Brigade of the Defense Ministry. Clashes ensued in the first place after the member's killing as the armed group harboring the killer refused to surrender him.

Meanwhile, the member of Al-Zawiya elders council Al-Beshti Al-Zahof, told reporters that the two fighting parties had withdrawn after they had agreed that the wanted man: Muad Bilal, would be surrendered, adding that the Deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi, had been part of the mediation efforts as he held a meeting with the chief of Al-Zawiya security directorate and commander of western military zone to discuss security issues and responding strongly to organized crime and drugs.

The Ambulance and Emergency Apparatus said the number of casualties in Al-Zawiya clashes reached five civilian deaths and over 13 injuries.