Armed fighting in Murzuq in southern Libya erupted Saturday and continued through to Sunday, leaving behind four people killed and four others wounded as well as three missing people, a source from the town said.

The source added that the clashes started after armed men from Tubu tribe had stormed into Megaryef neighborhood with armored vehicles and then opened heavy artillery fire, causing material damage to the neighborhood.

In the meantime, Khalifa Haftar's Air Force jets targeted Murzuq on Sunday evening. No confirmed numbers of casualties have been reported yet.

Last July, Murzuq's social components agreed to a ceasefire and ending of all military presence inside the town with an effective monitoring commission put in place.

Southern Libya in general and Murzuq, in particular, had been suffering from a security vacuum since Haftar's forces entered the region last February, then withdrawing from it when their attack on Tripoli was launched.