The coastal road that leads to Sirte is going to be reopened soon so that cars from eastern, western and southern Libya can pass through Abu Hadi roundabout in preparation for the return of the city’s displaced residents that is expected to kick off on next Saturday, a source from Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos reported on Tuesday.

“The road is safe and there are no obstacles after the military engineers, who are tasked with removing the war remnants from the areas, cleared it.” The source added.

It added that the cars movement has become normal as people are driving on the roads of Jaref, Buhadi, Al-Arbaeen, Soltan and other areas in Sirte’s suburbs.

Sirte IDPs are expected to return to their houses in 700 Buildings Neighborhood and Al-Zaafaran on next Satruday under organized procedures that will see the IDPs registered in security records so that the wanted IS-linked persons can be identified.