Some social media reported the Libyan authorities’ shutdown of the country’s border of Ras Ajdair with Tunisia.

The Libya Observer could not verify the reports so far.

On the other hand, all crossings between Libya and Tunisia via Ras Ajdair border have been suspended for the second day in a row, except for the Libyans and Tunisians who are returning to their countries from either side.

This shutdown was caused by protesters from Ben Guerdane district in Tunisia as they blocked the main road that connects their district to Ras Ajdair border.

A number of Ben Guerdane residents set up a tent on the main road that connects their district to Ras Ajdair border with Libya in Bukataf town in protest of the strict measures of the Libyan side and prohibiting the Tunisian smugglers from smuggling fuel and foods from Libya to their country.

Smuggling from Libya to Tunisia is booming nowadays as the smugglers, who mostly come from Ben Guerdane, are making use of the cheap prices in Libya and the gaps in the currency exchange rates following the collapse of the Libyan dinar.

When the Libyan authorities tightened the grip on the border to control the smuggling operations in there, some Ben Gurdane residents, who live off this illicit business, blocked the road, prevented Libyans from entering Tunisia and Tunisian imported goods from going to Libya.