An armed group attacked Al-Shoala field in southern Libya late on Monday, with sketchy reports from there.  

The attack caused damage to the field and set the main gate and 3 oil storage tanks on fire due to a car explosion and shelling.

There were contradicting reports about the attack. One report said it was an IS attack with a car bomb explosion at the gate followed by heavy shelling.

Other reports said it was a tribal fighting between Tabu fighters, who are actually in control of the field. The reports indicated that the claimed IS attack was a cover up of the tribal Tabu fighting over the control of the field.

Al-Shoalah field is located in the southeast of Libya, some 400km from Al-Kufra. The field is an oil compound that includes a power station, a refinery, oil storage tanks and a water reservoir for the man-made river.

The field is under the control of a Tabu armed group led by Ali Saidi, whose fighters are also fighting alongside Khalifa Haftar's forces in Benghazi.