Congolese President, Denis Sassou Nguesso has stated that the African Union believes that holding a comprehensive national reconciliation conference is a prerequisite for organizing credible elections in Libya, the results of which will be accepted by all parties.

He indicated that he was assigned, in his capacity as Chairman of the African Union High-level Committee on Libya, the task of organizing the conference, which he hopes will be held during the current year, according to an interview with l'Opinion newspaper.

Nguesso criticized what he described as the "turbulent roles" of international actors, whom he did not name, in Africa, after the "disaster" of the military intervention in Libya led to dire repercussions on the Sahel region.

The Congolese President's statements come two days after the African Peace and Security Council held a ministerial meeting on reconciliation in Libya, during which the Council praised the African Committee tasked with the Libyan affairs, as well as the efforts of the representative of the United Nations Secretary-General to Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, and stressed the importance of coordinated and integrated efforts between the supporting actors, for the Libyan peace process to avoid duplication.

The AU Peace and Security Council renewed its demand for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal from Libya of all foreign forces, including mercenaries, in line with the ceasefire agreement concluded in October 2020.