UN envoy to Libya Martin Kobler met with boycotters of Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly in Tripoli on Wednesday with the aim to urge them return to office.

Salem Kishlaf, a boycotting member, said Kobler had urged them to sit together with other members of the Constituent Assembly, but they demanded that the latest constitution draft, which was unilaterally issued in Salalah, Oman, must be annulled first.   

He stressed they will continue refusing Salalah draft because it's illegal and divides the Libyan nation.

The boycotting members condemned the interference of UN Mission in Libya  in the work of Constituent Assembly and the bias of its chief Martin Kobler to one party over another.

"Kobler has promised to correct his mission's previous mistakes," Kishlaf said.

 Al-Badri Al-Sharif, another boycotting member, said the interference of UNSMIL has badly affected the work of the Constituent Assembly. In a post in his Facebook account, Al-Sharif said Kobler promised he and his mission won't intervene unless they are requested by the members to provide logistic and technical support to the Constituent Assembly.

"He is trying to bridge the gap and urge the boycotters to return to the discussions again in order to finish the constitution," Al-Sharif said.


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