The head of the Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly (LCDA) must resign, as his performance did not make the cut with the aspirations of the Libyan people, said a number of members in the constituent assembly.

In a statement on Tuesday, nine members from Al-Bayda-based LCDA stated that the Head of the LCDA, Ali Al-Tarhouni adopted an ambiguous policy in his work, in addition to his aim to dominate power and decision making, which obliged them to call on him to resign to allow a reformation of the head officials and to take good care of the constitutional drafting process in the way Libyans aspire for.

“The duration in which the LCDA carried out its duties reached almost a year and a half and it has proved inefficient in handling its jobs, which left a bad influence on all of the LCDA members and created a sense of distinction among them.” The statement reads.

The LCDA also pointed out that they had ordered an investigation committee to validate the reports issued by the Audit Bureau, the talks on the media and the social media about the financial and administrative corruption and violations done by the head the constituent assembly.

Some Libyan observers believe that the head of the LCDA, Ali Al-Tarhouni is intentionally prolonging the process of drafting and finishing the Libyan constitution, which added another nail into the current division in the Libyan society.