The Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly has called on the UN Secretary-General's envoy to Libya Jan Kubis to accelerate the establishment of the state's institutions, according to a constitutional reference.

A delegation of the Constitution Drafting Assembly who met with Kubis last week criticized the UN mission for its lack of seriousness to find a solution to the Libyan crisis, holding it responsible for the continuation of the transitional situation.

"The UN envoy's talks of an end to the transitional stages by December 24 remains inaccurate unless the general elections take place under the provisions of the country's permanent constitution."

The Constitution Drafting Assembly considered that the UN mission's work was a "much ado about nothing."

"The mission continues to dig in the Libyan crisis but does not seem to be seriously committed to finding a solution," the statement read, stressing that the longer it takes to start building the institutions the deeper the crisis will get.

The delegation of the Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly presented during their meeting with the UN envoy several proposals, including adopting the outputs of the constitutional committee agreed upon in Egyptian Hurghada, under the auspices of the United Nations mission, and consider it as a basis for the upcoming elections scheduled to take place on December 24.