Former Libyan consul in Egypt, Adel al-Hassi, has made some claims of corruption and fraud against some prominent political figures in Libya during an interview on 218 News TV.

Al-Hassi has accussed former Vice President of the Presidential Council Ali al-Qatrani of falsifying papers to claim ownership on land owned by the Libyan state in Egypt. According to al-Hassi the land is worth more than 850 million USD$ and was intended for the brother of Ali al-Qatrani, Mohammed al-Qatrani.

“Ali al-Qatrani is also trying to sell a Libyan state-owned historic palace in Alexandria.” The consul revealed.

Another string of accusations by al-Hassi were directed at House of Representatives member Ziyad Daghaim. Al-Hassi unveiled that Daghaim and a number of other members of Fayez Sarraj’s government had asked him to pay a $15.000 salary a month to Salih Salem Daghaim, the father of Ziyad Daghaim who is 81 years old and suffers from illnesses.

Al-Hassi also added that Ali Al-Qatrani and HOR member Yusuf al-Aqouri had used their diplomatic statuses to secure the interests of their relatives in the form of requesting that they are paid salaries although they were not employed staff.

Al-Hassi finds that the diplomatic missions of Libya in Egypt where the above mentioned figures were involved has distorted the image of Libya and created a state of confusion on the Egyptian side.

Meanwhile 34 members of parliament have urged the Attorney General to set up an investigation into these claims. They also demanded removal of the involved MPs’ parliamentary immunity.