Cyrenaica elders and notables said they would back the Skhirat political agreement and UN-imposed government of Fayaz Sirraj if a number of preconditions were met.

In a statement delivered from Al-Bayda on Saturday, the elders said keeping what they called “the military institution” intact, especially the army and the police with their senior leaders, most importantly, Khalifa Haftar, is a must before recognising the government.

The elders, among of them was President of Tobruk parliament Aqailah Saleh, demanded the international community to lift arms embargo on weapons sales to rogue Gen. Khalifa Haftar's armed groups and support him in his war on what he calls "terrorism."

Aqailah Saleh has already kicked off a separate Libyan-Libyan dialogue with President of GNC Nuri Abu Sahmain to resolve the crisis, but pressure has been exerted on him to accept Sirraj government if Cyrenaica preconditions are fulfilled.

"We call for a just distribution in the three Libyan regions, holding firmly on to the rights of Cyrenaica region, particularly the rights of Benghazi.” The statement reads.

The elders also demanded that the military institution becomes part of Tobruk parliament, pointing that protecting and securing the Sirraj government must be the duty of the Ministry of the Interior only.

“Cyrenaica residents will not be in favor of the government of concord if the preconditions are not included in the final political agreement.” Concluded the statement.