The Chairman of the Cyrenaica Society Abdelhamid Al-Kazza met with the Head of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, on Tuesday in Tripoli and told him the gathering is in the final stages of foundation with members from different political, social and cultural backgrounds across Cyrenaica region.

Al-Kazza told Al-Sarraj that the people of the Cyrenaica region - eastern Libya - reject the attack on Tripoli that is led by Khalifa Haftar, denouncing hate speech that is spreading among Libyans.

Al-Sarraj, meanwhile, hailed Al-Kazza and other Libyan elders and dignitaries' efforts to protect the social fabric of the country, their call for reconciliation and their efforts to build a modern democracy in Libya.

The Cyrenaica Society was founded in mid-May 2019 after a visit Al-Sarraj had paid to Tunisia, where he met several figures from the eastern region and agreed with them to form a body that includes all the personalities rejecting Haftar's offensive on Tripoli and his military rule in eastern Libya.

After its foundation, Al-Kazza and his deputy Ahmed Langi met with foreign officials and ambassadors, including the US Chargé d'affaires ad Russia's consul in Libya, announcing rejection to Haftar's attack on Tripoli and rendering it as a dictator's desire for power.